Mlesna Dimbula Pure Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe Black Tea 50g
Here is a tea that will give you a bright flavoury cup with milk at breakfast or tea time. The Dim..
Mlesna Green Tea 50 Tea bags 100g
Selected Ceylon Teas processed in the traditional time tested Chinese technique of manufacture...
Mlesna Matale Pure Ceylon Low Medium Flowery Pekoe Black Tea 50g
A unique looking tea which has the appearance of black currants match the environment in which i..
Mlesna Nuwara Eliya Pure Ceylon Black Tea 50g
In keeping with the colourful splendour of the lush green tea country of Sri Lanka, our tea taster..
Mlesna Rich Brew Loose Leaf Tea 500g
A rich blend of Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP) to give you crisp freshness, high grown flavour and flav..
Mlesna Ruhunu Pure Ceylon Low Grown BOP1 Black Tea 50g
A well twisted Long Leaf Broken Orange Pekoe No. 1 is the ideal tea to brew, in places where the w..
Mlesna Sencha Green Tea 50 Tea bags 100g
Selected high grown Ceylon teas proccessed in the careful art of Japanese tea manufacture...
Mlesna Uva Pure Ceylon High Grown BOP Tea 50g
The Creator of the world thought of you the selective tea drinker who looks for strength, character..
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